Houston is growing, but not where you think

Per the Houston Chronicle’s Mike Snyder, since 2000, more than 80% of the population growth in Harris County has come from unincorporated areas such as the region in which Generation Park is located.

The statistics reinforce just how strongly this change has affected the northeast Houston region – and just how much more the boom will make Lake Houston a true economic powerhouse in the city. ESRI forecasts showed an average of 6,600 new residents per year moved to the Lake Houston area from 2010 to 2015.

More people means more schools, and one of our local school districts, Humble ISD, has recently secured the acreage necessary to build their 31st elementary school. We are thrilled to see one of the top 50 school districts in the state offering a variety of educational institutions, which are available to the employees working at Generation Park and their families.

And a recent study by PASA Demographics shows the growth of northeast Houston is not showing any signs of slowing. By 2025, an estimated 44,881 new residents will join the Lake Houston community, and many of them will reside within the Humble ISD boundaries – which include 90+ square miles in the communities of Humble, Atascocita, Kingwood, Fall Creek, Eagle Springs, among others. 25,000 of these new residents will live along West Lake Houston Parkway, the main thoroughfare running through the community and straight to Generation Park’s Redemption Square.

We are building a bustling development ready for these many new residents, containing northeast Houston’s best area for retail, restaurants, and offices. Contact us for more information at or 713-860-3038.

Our thanks to the Lake Houston Economic Development Partnership for providing the data contained in this newsletter.