Bring Generation Park to Your Home Office with Virtual Backgrounds

With so many people working from home today and using Zoom and Microsoft Teams, we though everyone could use an upgrade to their home office. Below you’ll a library of photos that should make your new home office the envy of your peers. And hey, these places are real, so feel free to come enjoy them in person some time!

To download individual pictures, click the image to get the full resolution, then right-click and save image as to a location you can find.

For detailed instructions on how to set up your virtual backgrounds in Zoom or Microsoft Teams scroll beyond the pictures.

Click Here to Download All Generation Park Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual Background Setup Instructions


Microsoft Teams:

  • Download the Virtual Background image(s) of your choosing from above or click here to download them all.
  • Click Start>Run
  • Copy+paste this into the Open line (see below image): %AppData%\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads
  • Push Enter
  • Drag and drop your images into the folder that opened up
  • In your next Microsoft Teams meeting click on the three dots and select “Show background effects” (see below image). Pick you new image and you’re now in Generation Park!